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My baby brother.

Damn the boy. What an absolutely stupid thing to do! Even if it was just once. It can only take one time to get addicted and it can on take one time to kill. If Ryuichi hadn't found him...

Tohma wouldn't let me speak to him on the phone. I suppose it's just as well. In all probability, nothing I would have said would have done either of us any good. Instead I ended up at Eiri's place yelling at him for not taking me seriously the other day, until he pointed out I was upsetting Momi-chan and I nearly started to cry. I ended up staying...I didn't feel like going home to an empty house. I made dinner and we talked. He ended up asleep on the couch with Momiji on his chest (which rather belies the comments he made the other day.)

I'm still worried though. Perhaps I should talk to my father and see if I can't convince him to let Tatsuha transfer to a school in Tokyo. I want my brother away from those people...and where we can keep an eye on him.
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