Seguchi Mika (mikarin) wrote,
Seguchi Mika

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It's a shame that castration is useless...

Because otherwise it would seem like a rather viable option just now...

Once again my husband (darling husband...*rolls her eyes*) brought home house guests without giving me so much as five minutes warning. I cannot imagine what has gotten into him lately. Is it really so much to ask that he at the very least inform me when he wishes to expand our household?

What if I had sent half the furniture out to be cleaned?

What if Momiji was sick?

What if...?

While I grant you, I am not entirely displeased that Tohma is showing some signs of compassion, he needs to show a bit more sense. Fortunately, they both seem to be well-behaved young gentlemen, simply in need of a place to recuperate. This comes as something of a relief given the madness I am normally surrounded with.
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