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Too Fast. (The Momiji Reports - #1 in a series)

Well, it's a very good thing I took a nap yesterday while my son was sleeping, because we decided to stay up most of the night...which of course means that when I did get to bed, I didn't get up until almost noon and consequentially I have gotten absolutely nothing productive done today.

Sometimes though, this is alright. I spent the afternoon siiting on the floor playing with Momi-chan. He seems to really like the black and white mobile I found at that little european shop. And he loves it when I put on music and "dance" with him. I think he may have inherited his father's musical talent.

The doctor has been extremely pleased with his progress. Momi has come quite along way in development considering how early he was. My biggest suprise though was when I got up to answer the phone and turned back to find that he rolled over onto his stomach all by himself! He'll be sitting up next. And then crawling...and walking... *sigh*

I think tommorrow I need to go out and buy a new camera. Maybe two. And lots of film.
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