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Never EVER Again.

I cannot believe the absolute NERVE of those two!

It started out with Tohma inviting his cousin and said cousin's boyfriend to dinner. I had no objection to this...on the few occasions I had met Fujisaki-kun, he had always seemed a sensible boy, if somewhat uptight.

It appears he has since learned how to relax. *glares* My dining room however, during a meal and in front of my child is without question NOT the proper venue for such activites!

While I was busy putting Momiji to bed,Tohma threw them out, or so I believed. Apparently there was some nonense about a car.

In any case, I simply wanted to forget the evening's incident. We were coming along rather well until the voices started coming out of the closet. Much to my annoyance, out tumbled our 'guests' and that gigolo boyfriend of Fujisaki's had the gall to act as if we should be pleased...*grinds teeth*

Throwing on my robe, I kicked my husband out of the room and dragged those immature brats out by their ears and literally tossed them down the stairs and told them to get out. When they protested, I threw a set of car keys after them which I think hit that pereverted ass on the forehead. Serves him right, I have never been so insulted in my entire life! Tohma can very well sleep on the couch for all I damn well care, he should have known better than to invite such people over.

It will be a cold day in HELL before either of them enters my house again.
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