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Kit and Kin

Tohma brought home a kitten. I can't imagine what could have possessed him to do such a thing. I don't grudge the expense, but bringing a pet...especially an injured stray, into a house with any infant, much less his own son...

It is rather cute, despite the bandages. However, I intend to make it clear that Fuzzy is his responsibility.

And my brother has gone to Kyoto. It is my admittedly vain hope that he will not argue with our father this time, but I am not holding my breath.


OOC note from Pelianth: Hiya! as those of you who read the gravirpcentral community *plug, plug* might know, Mika's original RP-er had to give up the character. Due to this, I am the new Mika RP-er. dynatessa deserves a big round of applause for her fine work, I have alot to live up to. So please bear with me as I find my bearings. ^^; (Oh and I apologize for the pun in the subject line. Honest. *polishes her halo and beams*)
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