Seguchi Mika (mikarin) wrote,
Seguchi Mika

He's so meager, especially in bed. I understand why everyone is so afraid of him, but hell, I'm not!

We'd only done anything ONCE since Momiji was born. I was venting my frustration by spending all his money, but no matter what I buy he just gives me that little smile and reminds me that he's had billions in the bank mere years after he got out of high school. I knew it was a lost cause and took charge... as usual.

He was sitting on his computer smirking at an instant message with that Noriko woman. She was sending him - what else? - interesting pictures of my brother. He seemed to really be enjoying himself, hell yeah, Momiji in his lap and everything. Luckily the baby was asleep. I grabbed both of them, Momiji gently tucked in one arm and Tohma's ear in my free hand. He was making those pathetic "stoppu stoppu!" noises at me, so I made sure Momiji was quietly asleep in his crib before dragging Tohma to our room and throwing him towards the closet.

"Go on, put on something I'll like," I told him. He looked at me with that dumb expression that told me he knew he was in trouble for oogling Eiri porn again. Sigh. He's so sexy and adorable when he looks that way.

I remembered something and pointed to the outfit I wanted him in. He moaned, but knew it was pointless to argue. I watched as he carefully put on the pleated skirt, tiny little collared shirt, and baggy socks.

That Noriko woman. She really knows what she's talking about. I need to let her play with my husband more often.

"So, what were you looking at on the computer, Tohma?" I asked gently, pulling him closer by the cute little blue collar. He gulped, his tiny little voice cracking.

" of Eiri-san."

"Do you like my brother, or do you LIKE my brother?" I asked in a whisper, licking his ear.

"Mika-san, Noriko-chan seems to think I am sexually interested in Eiri-chan, which is not true. I let her indulge the fantasy." So formal.

I was busy tying my hair back. "Fantasy?"

His eyes were wide. He knew this punishment well.


"If you like my brother so much why don't you just MARRY him?" I asked calmly, knowing full well that any sexual lust Tohma'd felt for Eiri had died long ago. This was still so much fun!!

"Mika-san!" He sounded firm. I was surprised for a moment, then I glared. He was suddenly quite meek again.




"Nothing - nevermind!" He crossed his arms. He was just so CUTE in the damned fuku! Did I mention how much I like that Noriko woman?

It was too much to bear. I pushed him down, kissing him roughly on the lips. He'd never in a million years admit it, but damn, he likes it rough. Haha, I guess Sakuma would know. Hehehe, he's not going to like that I said that, is he? Hehehehe good.

I had my hair pulled back. I guess it's a little known fact, but we Uesugi's have very similar hair. If I were to cut my own, well, you might as well just have three Uesugi brothers with various hair colors who all look alike. Pulling it back works to that effect...hehe and don't I know it.

I was still kissing him, biting at his lips, which never fails. He was gripping my back, which was a bit too much control on his part. I pushed him away, grabbing between his legs, under that ADORABLE little skirt! Yep, I am a genius, and he was as hard as a rock. Maybe he married me to keep an eye on that brother of mine - which is fine, because I get the funnest little toy in all of Tokyo. Nobody manipulates Tohma like I do!

He was whimpering now, his face flushed red as he panted away. I pulled his legs apart, smirking as a dug my carefully manicured nails into his flesh a bit, causing him to squeak in pain. I laughed, enjoying his little squeals. I pushed the tiny skirt aside, taking his erection in my mouth and nibbling it a bit before deepthroating him. Like it's hard to deepthroat my widdle iddy biddy Tohma? He's so cute. He emitted a sexy moan and thrashed around, his arms sprawled above his head with his wrists together. I think he's so used to the handcuffs that he just does that involuntarily now. Cute!!! I've trained him really well.

I led him on for a while, teasing him into thinking I might give him the authority to come so soon. HAH! He should know by now. I decided to make him beg.

"What do you want?" I asked in that seductive way that let him know the answer I wanted to hear.

He gulped, looking at me with big eyes. He knew what to say, he was trained long ago to say it, and even to this day he loves saying it. It sounds so cute when he says it!!

"Take me now, Eiri-san," he finally whispered.

I smirked, pulling off my nightshirt to reveal the new, tight leather outfit I'd bought that afternoon. Hell, I'd be waiting for WEEKS! Give me a break! It looked really great on me, too. Damn, I have such a good body. It runs in the family.

His eyes trailed stealthily down from my chest until he was staring between my legs, where I'd attached a new strap on. It was part of the outfit - it looked *SO* good on me! You have *NO* idea! He seemed wary at his size, and I decided to be nice for a change. I reached into the side drawer, grabbing a small tube of lubricant and snapping it open with my teeth. He quite obviously relaxed at this point. I pondered for a moment, then made up my mind, flipping over his small form until he was sprawled out on his stomach. I admired his slim, sexy body before luving up my fingers and roughly sliding them inside of him, stretching him out with no remorse. I am NOT a patient woman! He cried out again, squirming under me, yet gripping the bedsheets and spreading his legs, wanting more. I pulled out, then gripped his incredibly ADORABLE tight little ass, plunging in hard and fast, the tiny little skirt crumpling against my belly.

He was uttering some incredibly sexy sounds at this point, so I continued to slam into him, each thrust pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I don't let Tohma have much control over me, but his sexyness alone is enough for me anyday. I can't let him know that, though. He must always be meek, willing to serve, and absolutely clueless that he has any power at all! None whatsoever!

My mind clouded as I reached orgasm. I was trying to reach for Tohma's erection but he was already yelling and spurting himself all over the place. How pathetic! He gets off just by trying to picture its my brother fucking him, I bet. Hmmph. No, I don't have some wierd obbsession with my brother, but playing with Tohma's mind is SO MUCH FUN! Besides - SOMEONE has to do it. It's not like he doesn't screw with everyone else's brain everyday at work!

He lay there breathing hard, and I stared at him, still enjoying the damned fuku. He got all defensive and weakly managed to say that I'd be in big trouble if I ever told anyone what a big huge stinking womanly wimp he is. Not in those exact words. Same difference.

So here I am posting every little detail in my journal as punishment! I hope everybody at N-G and my brother get a big kick out of it! Don't cream your Barney underwear too fast, Sakano hun, remember you're with that maniac gunman now!

Don't forget, all you American dolls out there, tomorrow is a work day so yes you can all show up at N-G and BOTHER my husband! ^_^ Don't worry about me, he can't do anything about it.

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