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Home Sweet Home

Haven't had the chance to update my journal lately. I've had to try and smooth things over with Father.
He's very shocked, surprised, name it. In other words...he's really pissed.
Then again, I'm really pissed too. When we arrived back in Tokyo, Eiri and I didn't speak a word. To this day, I haven't talked to my brother.
Whatever possessed him to do what he did back in Kyoto, I don't know. Maybe it was some way to show Father that he didn't give a rats ass about his opinion.

Anyway, I came home; Tohma seemed very, very happy to see Momiji. Call it a father-son separation anxiety thing. Haha. I found it rather kawaii, actually. Momi seemed equally happy to see his father.
Thank goodness they have a better father-son relationship than my brother and my father.
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